Cat brain map

For english speaking cats, a map of my brain (and of all cats probably !)…

(Clic to enlarge)
thanks to Cat Stuff :)

3 Réponses

  1. Wow ! Lots to ponder here

    Must think about doing a Mikil Tiki brain scan myself.
    What would that include ?

    * outside very thin layer to totally filter out unendurable jerks (mostly male) , rage spot just under it (difficult to find out, hence surprising)
    * thick layer of friendliness and politeness meshed with a complex web of parallel neurone strangs (languages), expandable
    * numerous knots of 100% pure cheek
    * receptivity zone for witty compliments and nice presents (very developped) directly linked to (large) zones for gratitude, affection and vanity
    * highly developed, interlinked knots for curiosity, fashion freakiness, taste for beauty (moral and appearance), sense of humour
    * inside core of naive optimism and romanticism
    * encyclopedic memory base (reptilian brain) for quick cross reference
    * remarkable feature : lack of zone for shame, fear or self consciousness

    Something like this. Makes for enough complexity to keep one busy for hours.

  2. What a beautiful description of your qualities ! :-)
    I’m so happy to read from you again, I was anxious you wouldn’t come back…

  3. Yeah, hello Mookk darling

    I worked a bit on the brain contents, was fun doing it. This is something you might understand as a blogging feline taken over/taking over from a human mind : identification or distance.

    As a housemaster, you can keep an eye on your can openers as soon as they are hopping around, trying to make themselves useful to you, so you can observe them and tell about what you guess from their sometimes puzzling ways and deeds.

    But for me, it is very different. I have no idea, and I am not told about what is happening out of my Second Life (for me, First and Only Life really). I only have to guess from what I am lead to do and react « inworld » as we say, and am told to speak by that person « offworld » behind the screen I have never met but I think to know very well, perhaps more than most.

    It is all very strange. I am technically a slave, a puppet on a string, but I am totally free because the conditions of my environment and the people I deal with work under very different rules from RL.

    I am not sure all this is very clear, but you may gues what I mean.

    Kissykiss on your cool wet muzzle

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